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Bloom 2023 Avoca Garden

Bloom 2023 Avoca Anniversary garden – Looms & Blooms Info The Avoca three-hundred-year anniversary garden has been designed to celebrate their ongoing success as an Irish heritage brand, and to mark 300 years weaving from their Co. Wicklow mill. While nodding to Avoca’s rich history and heritage, the garden design has a contemporary feel. This […]

Bloom 2019 – FBD Urban Sanctuary Garden

Bloom 2019 Show Garden Design

Bloom 2019 FBD Urban Sanctuary Garden Info This Show Garden at Bloom festival 2019 was designed for urban contemporary living. This garden has cutting elements and materials to show case garden design in 2019. An international planting scheme shows how many different plant styles from around the world can thrive in our mild Irish climate. […]

Bloom 2018 – The Fruit Juice Matters Garden

Bloom 2018 Show Garden Design

Bloom 2018 The Fruit Juice Matters Garden Info Designed as a sanctuary for young professionals to enjoy a healthy way of life, this garden features multiple spaces for exercise, relaxation or entertainment with family and friends.  The contemporary indoor space in particular can be enjoyed all year round and, constructed with sustainable building materials, the […]

Bloom 2017 ‘Living Oasis’ for Santa Rita

Bloom 2017 Show Garden Design

Bloom 2017 ‘Living Oasis’ for Santa Rita Info ‘Living Oasis’ Gold medal award winning garden at Bloom in the Park festival 2017. A large show garden to capture an oasis theme to take the viewer to a place of calm. Bloom 2017 (1) Bloom 2017 (6) Bloom 2017 (4) Bloom 2017 (10) Bloom 2017 (2) […]

Bloom Show Garden 2014 – Overall Winner

Bloom 2014 Show Garden Design

Bloom 2014 Urban Greening – Overall Winner Info We had 200 square metres of space to create a garden that would contain multiple features. Our Urban Greening theme kept us busy with added elements of green roofs and a living wall not to mention a wide variety of plants and trees! This was the first […]

Bloom Show garden 2013 – Silver Gilt Medal

Bloom 2013 Show Garden Design

Bloom 2013 Riverside Calm Garden Retreat – Silver Gilt Medal Info Aim – To create a contemporary suburban garden for relaxation and entertainment. The ‘Riverside Calm’ theme takes the elements of a riverside such as water and gravel with rocks and combines this with a rich planting scheme with various trees signifying a woodland beyond […]