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Irish examiner

Take a look around gold-medal garden design for Avoca

Looms & Blooms creation at Bloom by garden designer Kevin Dennis celebrated the past and present 

Woman's Way Magazine

Creating Summer Colour

Womans Way Magazine

Irish Independent

Property page: Making the most of a balcony or rooftop garden can lift the soul

Interview with Eleanor Flegg for the property page in the Irish Independent.
Irish Independent


5 reasons to go to Bloom

What it is like building a show garden at Irelands 
largest gardening event and why people should attend the show.


Urban Greening

Urban greening in our cities. Changing how we think about plants can enhance our lifestyle.

Irish Independent

Garden ideas for small spaces

Irish Independent – Even if you have limited space you can still enjoy gardening.
Irish Independent - Garden ideas for small spaces

Spring article on traditional bulbs

Sunday Independent

Life magazine

Sunday Independent - Nirvana in Bloom

Upside news

Garden design

The Upside News – The importance of garden design